XS Bettting software

XSs is not a betting software because you need to get in the official bookmakers’ website to place your bets. XSs is a specialist software for improving your pre-game betting activity and can significantly enhance your betting capabilities. We are not advise you to use the capabilities of the software for live betting activity.

However, be aware that because of the automatic capabilities to deal with many combinations of treble and double bets, results of XSs can create large potential loss if used incorrectly or in error. We strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with the appropriate capabilities of the software.

XSs uses an official bookmakers’ xml odds feed to create combinations of treble and double bets. Some of the odds appears in XSs markets may not comply exactly with the corresponding odds of bookmakers’ official website, due to some inevitable loading delays of xml odds movements, especially close to the starting point of the event or due to unexpected temporary interruptions of the operation of xml odds feed, caused by the provider. Make sure that before you place your bets, you have ensure you deal with the correct odd prices.

Use the smallest possible stakes so as to feel comfortable with software’s capabilities and when you feel familiar use larger stakes and make your own betting combination or strategies. Risks of losses can also come from computer failures and unexpected outages. Please make sure that you have a clear and constant approach to all notices mentioned above.

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